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2020-02-29 00:42 Next, if the computer you are connecting to is running Windows XP SP3, then you need to open the firewall to allow remote desktop connections. To do this, go to Start, Control Panel, Windows Firewall and click on the Exceptions tab. Make sure that the Remote Desktop check box is checked.

Jul 03, 2017  To access Remote Desktop over the Internet, youll need to use a VPN or forward ports on your router. Weve covered several solutions for accessing your desktop remotely over the Internet. However, if you have a Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate edition of Windows, you already have the full Windows Remote Desktop installed. windows xp remote desktop router Feb 17, 2019  Unable to connect to Remote Desktop behind the router whare as RD works fine without Router. WAN PORT: from 80 to 80 LAN PORT: from 80 to 80 TCP WAN PORT: from 3389 to 3389 LAN PORT: from 3389 to 3389 TCP

What's the network configuration? Is there a firewall, router or other NAT device that might be blocking RDP communication? If you can access a file share on your XP machine, that's typcially a good indication that there isn't any firewall blocking your connection, presuming that the Remote Desktop port (3389) is unblocked as well. windows xp remote desktop router

Jan 30, 2009 To connect to pc 2 from pc1 you should be able use your private address. 50. Make sure you have done the preliminary steps such as setting up PC 2 so that it can be reached via Remote Desktop Depending on how you set up your network (ie independent computers or networked using Active Directory) make sure Setup Router for Remote Desktop. First, you need to log into your wireless router at home by typing in the local IP address for the router in your Internet browser. If you dont know the IP address of the router, go to Start, Run, and type in CMD. Then type IPCONFIG and the address for the router is the Default Gateway entry. Mar 06, 2008  I have a Windows Vista Basic laptop that I want to access to my desktop which is a Windows XP Home so I can use the printer wirelessly. They are connected to the internet though the same router. The desktop is connected straight from the router (wired) and my laptop (wirelessly). Is there any way I can do that with the program that is already installed from windows and if not how windows xp remote desktop router Configuring Your Router. For either Windows XP or Vista, TCP port 3389 (which Remote Desktop uses) must be forwarded to the Remote Desktop PC. If you are setting up Web access, you also must forward TCP port 80 (or the nondefault port you set) to the host computer.

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