Windows 8 files suddenly disappeared

2020-01-18 23:12 Suddenly all files, folders and icons that were on my desktop have disappeared. tried making show hidden files , no luck. tried using recovery software, but it did not find any of this files, so I

Jul 28, 2016 I was downloading my professor's file for my assignment (which is in pdf format), then I tried to rearrange the folder first make it view by details and sort by date (so therefore I can easily identify what file I should be working on) and suddenly all files in the folder disappeared! ! ! ! ! windows 8 files suddenly disappeared Mar 14, 2018 Today, without any interference from my side, some folders with files have gone suddenly missing from my main internal hard drive. The losses constituted around 3040 of the hard drive's content, mainly affecting the majority of video files, some programsgames and system backup files, which took up around 250 GB of space in total.

May 28, 2016 Folder suddenly missing posted in Windows 8 and Windows 8. 1: I have a folder I keep all my important information in and suddenly the folder is gone. It does not show up in the documents folder windows 8 files suddenly disappeared

Feb 12, 2017  Have you tried this in Windows Explorer: Click on Tools Click on Folder Options Click on the View tab Under Hidden files and folders click in the circle next to Show hidden files, folders, and drives If the files are just hidden and not deleted you should Malware. Other malware like viruses can cause files to disappear because when they try to rewrite a file during the infection process they may cause write errors that corrupt the file. Worms are malware that delete and modify files on a computer before jumping to another computer on a network. Aug 25, 2013 How to recover lost or missing files on windows 8 with file history. Very helpful if you forget to save an important file If this was helpful please like and subscribe. windows 8 files suddenly disappeared

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