C windows installer folder too big

2020-01-18 23:06 The first image shows a folder size of 52. 2Gb. We then used PatchCleaner to analyse the Installer folder and opted to move the orphaned files to an external hard disk. The C: \Windows\Installer folder was reduced to just 7. 9Gb after running PatchCleaner. 84. 87 of the 52. 2Gb used by the Windows Installer folder was recovered.

The C: \Windows\Installer folder is used by the OS and should never be changed directly. If you want to remove applications, use the Control Panel Programs and Features to uninstall them. It is also possible to run Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr. exe) in elevated mode to help free up space. c windows installer folder too big SBS 2003 C: \Windows\Installer too big? This has no effect on anything. . so I copied the Installer folder over to my NAS for safe keeping and deleted it off the server.

C: \Windows\Installer folder can free up valuable disk space. Just remember to restore these files and folders before you try to uninstall any software. After you have uninstalled the unwanted software application then (since you have a DVD backup) delete the filesfolders once again until the next time they are needed. c windows installer folder too big

Jan 30, 2018 Do NOT delete files from the Windows Installer folder. Please follow the steps mentioned in the KB you fould to clean the winsys folder. Best regards. I have made some progress in reducing the sizes of the two folders, but they are still too large. I have realized some disk cleaning requires a reboot. Here is the information: Folder: winsxs. Dec 08, 2012 Cleaning folder In some the installer folder got very big for some users so it proved very useful. It certainly is a 'user beware app' so i guess when too many C: \WINDOWS\Installer folder very large. We have two Load Balanced 2003 servers acting as Terminal Servers. The WINDOWS\Installer folder is very large (approx. 20GB). Does anyone know how to reduce the size of this folder. I have tried removing the installer information by using the Windows Installer Clean up Utility, but when removing the c windows installer folder too big Aug 25, 2015  Using TreeSize I'm able to see that its my Windows folder alone is very close to 40GB. folder that has ramped up to 18GB itself! I've used cleanmgr. exe but it doesn't find anything to cleanup! After some research I found a few articles about this but nothing conclusive that I want to try on a production server. Oct 14, 2016 Hello Guys, So i was trying to install a new language on my laptop. and i downloaded the language file which is a RAR folder then i extracted it directly to OS(C: ) the problem is i got a super huge amount of folders and files extracted there Apr 11, 2019 My folder size has grown to 24 GB. I do not think that it is normal! And this folder is keep on growing. Kindly suggest how to reducestop the size of this folder. The tool has been out for a long time but after watching my Windows installation grow to 49 GB on my 240 GB SSD, I starting looking around in WinDirStat for which folders take up the most space. I found the Installer folder filled with tmp installer folders from months ago.

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