Windows 8 screen rotation c#

2020-04-01 06:32 Dec 03, 2013  In Windows 8. 1 there are two possible orientations: Landscape (width height) and Portrait (width height). CAVEAT: In either case, screen size (inches) can vary across devices. An increase in screen size (not to be confused with resolution), introduces new (or

I'm looking for a way to rotate the display of one of my monitors programmatically. I have two monitors set up on a desk mount, and I often use them in varying orientations when programming or using various other programs, and in order to change the orientation I jump into display settings and rotate it that way (so i can have one or both in portrait). windows 8 screen rotation c# Essentially I want to create an app which will enable or disable autorotate depending on the time of day, so at night time it's switched off c# c windowsphone8 autorotate screenrotation share

Aug 30, 2013 This tutorial will show you how to lock and unlock screen autorotation for your Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 8. 1, and Windows RT 8. 1 tablet (ex: Surface RT or Surface Pro). Note Autorotation is automatically locked by Windows when you connect an external display. windows 8 screen rotation c#

possible duplicate of WPF Orientation Ray Apr 8 '15 at 7: 37 @Ray I've read this question but no one answered it. they provide a way to tell when the rotation takes place but not how to disable it. Mar 16, 2013  Is there a shortcut to rotate the screen in WIN 8 for a desktop? I have a Professional Art Monitor. I need to rotate the orientation of windows when I rotate the Nov 26, 2013 Device auto rotation preferences sample This sample shows how to use the DisplayInformation class to handle and verify device rotation events. windows 8 screen rotation c# A want to create an Metro Style Windows 8 application that doesn't rotate a root Grid with all content in Portrait mode. I want to handle orientation in Code and by Visual States, but now when I rotate device, all content is automatically rotates and fill new width and height. . How can I disable this rotation behavior, i. e. disable Portrait orientation, but is still be able to get events about Nov 27, 2012 How to Disable Screen AutoRotation in Windows 8 Taylor Gibb @taybgibb November 27, 2012, 2: 00am EDT Windows 8 is strongly aimed at tablets, most of which allow use in both landscape and portrait orientations.

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