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2019-12-07 02:08 Feb 23, 2012 I'll tell you what I did to remove the highlighted icon labels! I did try all the steps recommended which never worked! Right click on your desktop, select properties, select desktop, click customize desktop, then choose the web tab at top, look in the box if theres some sort of web address with a check in the box next to it uncheck it!

Feb 27, 2011 Unlimited recording storage space. Live TV from 60 channels. No cable box required. Cancel anytime. windows xp desktop icons highlighted in blue Desktop Settings. Highlighted icons may happen when a Windows XP desktop is set to use a Web page as the background. Rightclick on a blank corner of the desktop, and click Properties in the menu. Click on the Desktop tab and the Customize Desktop button on that tab. Click on the Web tab. If you see any Web pages listed in the menu,

Jul 27, 2009 In Windows XP your desktop icons text labels used to be transparent but now the icons seem to have a blue background or blue highlight. This seems to have happened the icons for no reason i. e. you did not mess with your appearance settings or display settings. windows xp desktop icons highlighted in blue

Jun 10, 2010 The Wordsdescription of the desktop icons are highlighted in blue with white text. I have a dell computer running SP3 and Windows XP. Thanks for Desktop icons all have blue highlight box around text. I am running windows xp home I have tried the following solutions: 1. Right clicking my customize desktopweb lock desktop items is UNchecked (tried unchecking and rechecking). 2. Right clicking my desktoparrange icons bylock web items on desktop is UNchecked Jan 31, 2019 Desktop Icon text boxes are highlighted blue 1. Control Settings. 2. Rightclick on Desktop Arrange Icons by and ensure Lock Web. 3. Transparency will not work if you have web content on your desktop, 4. Ensure the Wallpaper is an image file not HTML. windows xp desktop icons highlighted in blue Mar 13, 2009 desktop icon text highlighted posted in Windows XP, 2000, 2003, NT: hello geekstogo. somehow in the process of saving an image or pasting an image, i ended up accidently highlighting the text underneath every icon on desktop in xp sp2. can you tell me how to remove text highlight of desktop icons? thanks! Oct 29, 2013  why desktop icons name are highlighted in blue. Menu Menu. Forums Search. Search titles only. By: Search Advanced search Search titles only. By: Windows XP. Previous Next Sort by votes. N. nadeemnews Honorable. Oct 29, 2013 1 0 10, 510 0. Oct 29, 2013# 1 why desktop icons name are highlighted in blue How can the answer be improved? Feb 14, 2008  Desktop Icons Suddenly Are All Highlighted posted in Windows XP Home and Professional: Today, for some odd reason, all of my desktop icons are highlighted. Not a clue as to why it

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