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2019-12-15 15:06 Dec 18, 2012  Step 6. As a result, switching between emails or folders can be very slow, as the Windows Messenger needs to load its information, too. You can disable the use of Windows Messenger for Outlook from the Tools menu, under Options Other

Jul 13, 2018 But it still seems slow at times. Sometimes it is okay. I don't know whether it is Outlook that is slow, or whether it might be Windows that slows down Outlook and some other applications such as QuickBooks and TurboTax, that also have slow, hanging behavior at times. outlook running slow windows xp Aug 27, 2015  Speed Up Outlook. The addins can slow down Outlook, and heres how you can disable them: Go to Options Addins, choose COM addins from a drop down menu and then click the go button. The window that appears will show a list of all the addins connected to Outlook; simply uncheck anything that seems suspicious.

Microsoft Outlook Running Slow? Fix the Problem [Do not disable the Windows Search Indexing addin If you have upgraded to Outlook 2007 from Outlook 2003 or XP, chances are that the old addin are not compatible with the new release and may be the reason behind the slugging performance of Outlook outlook running slow windows xp

Jan 22, 2017  But users are constantly complaining about the softwares slow performance in Windows 10. Most common complaints are that it hangs (for 36 seconds when a user executes a command) and takes time in sending and receiving emails. May 15, 2011 outlook express 6 very slow to receive mail in xp mode on windows 7 I have not found a decent email program for windows 7 so I am using oulook explress in xp mode. Problem that I have is that each time I open oulook 6 I have to type my password in and also it takes forever to receive the mail (mail is only test files with no attachments) I am Outlook is running very slow. Our company is using Windows XP SP2, Outlook 2003 SP2. One of our users is complaining that Outlook is running really slow, when sending, replying and forwarding mail. This is not a company wide issue, so I'm guess it doesn't have anything to do with our Exchange, but something with his local computer. outlook running slow windows xp

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