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2020-01-19 22:09 Apr 15, 2018  Instagram app no longer available for Windows Phone in the Microsoft Store. One silver lining is that the Instagram mobile website is pretty good on Edge, letting you post photos, use filters and even view stories, but clearly, given that a smartphone OS is defined by having 3rd party apps, the days when we can still call a Windows Phone a smartphone is becoming increasingly numbered.

Apr 15, 2018  So Instagram might have decided to temporarily remove the app from the Microsoft Store in Windows Phone to prevent users from downloading it. If this is the case, the updated app windows mobile instagram app Apr 16, 2018  Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile removed from the Microsoft Store. The Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile had had a number of updates over the past year. Last September, Instagram rolled out tons of new features to its app for both the Windows 10 PC and Mobile ecosystems, including the ability to use effects in Stories and respond to stories with photos, among

Jul 01, 2018 Instagram app updated for Windows 10 Mobile and PC. In the type mode, you can type whatever you want in various font styles such as Modern, Neon, Typewriter and Strong. It can then be posted as your Instagram Story. The StopMotion mode allows you to take snapshots and combine them to make a single video. windows mobile instagram app

Instagram for Windows 10 tablets is now available in the Windows App store. The app includes all of the major features, including Instagram Stories, Direct and Explore. And youll be able to capture, edit and share directly from your Windows 10 tablet device. Instagram app updates on Windows 10 Mobile and PC with big stability fix. Overall, the Instagram app now runs a lot smoother on both Windows 10 PCs and on Windows phones. Transitions are now significantly smoother especially when swiping during the creation of Instagram Stories. A new minibutton has been added to the Your Story slideshow, windows mobile instagram app

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