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2019-12-15 01:15 Are there any third party apps to sync Windows Phone 8 with a CalDAVCardDAV calendar and contact server? From searching online, I have found vague suggestions that there are developers out there working on it and that there even should be one for WP7. But I

The CardDAV plugins work perfect, there is no reason to continue. Thunderbird Funambol Plugin is a Mozilla Thunderbird plugin that allows to sync calendar(s) and addressbook between Mozilla Thunderbird and the Funambol server. windows 8 carddav May 31, 2015 Coming with Windows Phone 8. 1, Microsoft added support of CalDAV and CardDAV protocol for Google and iCloud calendars and contacts at last. Windows 10 mobile is also already supporting Google and iCloud, now with the new Outlook mail, Outlook calendar and Outlook contacts app (Outlook for Windows 10 mobile).

Open the Windows Settings app, and go to Accounts: Email and app accounts. Click Add new account and choose iCloud. Enter your DAV account username as the email address. Enter NOTPASSWORD as your password. Make sure not to enter your real password. The windows 8 carddav

Jul 23, 2013 When will Microsoft support CalDAV and CardDAV in Windows 8? I talked to Answer Tech to get answer so that I can use Google Apps. All I got from them is that it was Google's fault. Feb 16, 2018, Specialist in obscure details. CalDAV and CardDAV is technically supported in Windows 10. There is a generic CalDAVCardDAV synchronization agent, but its use is limited to some Microsoft partners. You can get around the limitation and use any service provider you want but this comes with some risk to your account security. 1 Answer 1. active oldest votes. up vote 0 down vote. On windows phone it seems you can use custom options for the integrated 'icloud account' sync, and use that mechanism to sync with a carddav server you pick, maybe you can try a similar fashion on desktop. However there is no official support for it. windows 8 carddav Setting up CardDAV and CalDAV on Windows Phone 8. 1 (self. windowsphone) submitted 4 years ago by WhiteMouse Nokia Lumia 920 As I feared when updating to WP8. 1, the Google hack to getting CardDAV and CalDAV support no longer works, as setting up a Google account on your phone now requires signing in through your Google account through a

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