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2020-01-29 01:26 Hello, I've been looking for a easy way to get the users windows ID on my intranet portal PHP application. I found a few things but nothing that promising. I have a MSSQL database and PHP

I verified all this info is correct (the login is a Windows account with proper access, so it's via Windows authentication), but I'm getting this error: Login failed for user [message [Microsoft[SQL Server Native Client 10. 0[SQL ServerLogin failed for user ) Why is the login failing? php login windows authentication If Windows Authentication is not a practical option, see How to: Connect Using SQL Server Authentication. Example. Using the SQLSRV driver of the Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server, the following example uses the Windows Authentication to connect to a local instance of SQL Server.

Feb 10, 2010  In my last post, I provided an overview of using the SQL Server Driver for PHP. One of the driver features I didnt mention in that post is the support for Integrated Windows Authentication when connecting to a server. So, thats what Ill take a closer look at in this post. I must confess php login windows authentication

How to use LDAP Active Directory Authentication with PHP. Goal: Use LDAP and PHP to authenticate with Active Directory. Why not just leverage those accounts, that way you eliminate another system to remember your password for, use your active directory system to enforce password strength, account lockouts, and all those other built in Nov 15, 2009 IIS access control features help create flexible and manageable access control solutions for PHP applications and the PHPspecific integration that can enable PHP applications to make applicationlevel access control decisions. Configure Basic Authentication. Start IIS Manager (Inetmgr. exe). Expand the server node, and then expand the Sites node. May 04, 2009  Omatsei, The UID and PWD connection attributes are for SQL Server Authentication. You can not use those attributes to ask SQL Server to verify the corresponding Windows user's credentials. I'm following up with a couple people to see if there's an IIS, FastCGI or PHP setting that would allow the PHP process to impersonate the user to use Windows authentication when logging php login windows authentication Download PHP Driver. The Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server supports SQL Server Authentication when you connect to SQL Server. SQL Server Authentication should be used only when Windows Authentication is not possible. For information about connecting with Windows Authentication, see How to: Connect Using Windows Authentication. Setting Up Windows Authentication for Apache. Ask Question 4. 1. PHP on Windows Server 2008. php apache windowsserver2008 share improve this question. Is it possible to force Internet Explorer to show the loginmenu? 0. I have Windows Server 2008 R2 x64b installed with IIS 7, PHP 5. 5. This server is added to domain exampledomain, so I have win authentication enabled and all others disabled. I left the two default providers NTLM and negotiate, I granted IISIUSRS read access to wwwroot. Once the user has filled in a username and a password, the URL containing the PHP script will be called again with the predefined variables PHPAUTHUSER, PHPAUTHPW, and AUTHTYPE set to the user name, password and authentication type respectively.

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