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2020-01-25 13:45 Jun 21, 2012 How to bypass the Windows 8 login screen. Click off the checkbox above the account that says Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. . Enter your password once and then a second time to confirm it. Restart Windows. Windows now bypasses the lock screen and the login screen to automatically take you to the Start screen.

Dec 27, 2014  How to Bypass Windows 8 Login Screen After Startup By Maria Krisette Capati Posted on Dec 27, 2014 Dec 26, 2014 in Windows Do you find it troublesome to sign in with the username and password in the Windows 8 login screen after startup or sleep? windows 8 login page Nov 07, 2013 My partner downloaded the windows 8. 1 update onto his PC yesterday and since then, when you turn the computer on it gets stuck on a honeycombe picture and won't allow you onto the next stage where you enter password to log in.

First, go to Windows 8 metro start screen, type netplwiz and hit Enter. 2. Left click the netplwiz icon and this will open the following window on your Windows 8 desktop: 3. Now choose the user account for which you want to disable the login screen and want Windows to auto login without you having to key in the username or password. windows 8 login page

Nov 19, 2017 On Windows 8 or Windows 8. 1 there is a way to bypass the lockscreen. There is a way to set up your computer to automatically sign in into your account upon a restart. All it takes is a few steps to setup this automatic login for Windows 8. Recommended Reading: How To Enable BuiltIn Administrator Account On Windows 8. Nov 20, 2012 At the bottom of the Settings menu, leftclick or tap Change PC settings to open your PC settings options in the Windows 8 User Interface. Select Personalize on the left. Select the Lock Screen tab on the top right, and select Browse to choose your lock screen. windows 8 login page

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