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2019-12-11 05:05 Feb 21, 2018 How do i turn on 3G Nokia Lumia 710 (Vodafone) how to turn on 3G i dont have a switch in settings to turn on 3G and it only says E next to my signal bar i want to use 3G how do i turn it on please help give step by step guide with pictures if you can. thanks in advance

Aug 11, 2013  I was wondering if there's any way in WP8 to turn off the data use without turning off the ability to make a call and receive texts. That would make everything so much easier for me when I turn off 3g windows phone Congratulations your phone is now 3G network friendly and it will automatically connect whenever you are in a 3G coverage area. How to enableactivate 3G on Windows Phone Devices 1) Go to App List

I know how to turn off the LTE, but is there a way to turn off 4G when not using it like you could do with 3G? It really drains the battery! ! Solved by: Go to Solution. turn off 3g windows phone

Aug 29, 2011  And secondly, the 3G is used even though I wish to use WiFi. Is there a way to turn off 3G? Phone is using 5. 60 firmware, as 5. 6568 is not available where I am Oct 10, 2013 Windows Phone Setup Nokia 520 Duration: How to Turn off Mobile Data (Internet) on Nokia Asha Series? How to Setup 3G Network Options in Nokia Lumia Mobiles Duration: Turning them off and restart the notebook then, they remain off. But the 3G doesnt follow this pattern. It always is turned off after a restart. Some of our customers use this connection permanently, so they're looking for a solution that keeps 3G on when launching. Apparently, I don't have one. : ) turn off 3g windows phone On my Eris, you can turn off the 3G and still keep using phone as is except for internet service& maybe for some aps. Shall we assume 3G cannot be turned off on this model phone? I would be really suprised that there is no other option other than airplane mode.

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