Windows 95 music video demo

2020-01-18 14:12 Windows 95 95 Demo. Windows 95 offered, at long last, a well designed documentoriented desktop shell that worked much like the 1984 Macintosh Finder. It also included a new way of finding installed applications through a Start menu.

Jan 03, 2006  Why did the Windows 95 CD have extra fun stuff, like the Good Times and Buddy Holly music videos, the Rob Roy trailer, and the cartoons by Bill Plympton? Because it was fun! Why does one have to justify having fun? In addition to the multimedia fun, there was also video windows 95 music video demo May 21, 2008 Good Day sample music video Win 95 or 98. Thread starter Rick; Windows 9598ME. Previous Next R. Rick Distinguished. Oct 14, 2003 1, 084 0 19, 280 0. Jul 23, 2004# 1 Archived from On the computer was a video (to demonstrate the video software, I guess) that I would

Jan 14, 2011 This video was recorded from the Microsoft Windows 95 Interactive Demo& Sampler CDROM. It showcases Windows 95's new interface and explains how to perform common tasks like searching for files windows 95 music video demo

When we bought our Windows 95, it came with a demo disc that had the music video for the Presidents of the United States of America's Lump on it along with some Mariah Carey video and a demo for the game Deadly Tide. windows 95 music video demo

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