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2020-01-20 14:45 Dec 10, 2015 After successful installation, we can mount windows share from command line: sudo mount WINSRVSHARE t cifs o mntpath. where 'winuser' is the windows domain user, and optionally we can supply domain using domainwindomain with options. to find out linux user's uid and gid use: id

How can the answer be improved? mount windows share on linux ubuntu I'm using Ubuntu 11. 10, and am trying to mount a freenas server. I have the server set to share in cifs and nfs with no luck. I have tried smbmount. # # # mnt I am not new to Ubuntu but am nowhere near a power user, so I'd prefer a GUI option if available. How do I mount a cifs share in 11. 10?

Mar 17, 2017 Recently I just installed Ubuntu LTS on my Dell laptop and needed to connect to my cifs share off the FreeNAS and ran the normal mount command and it failed. Never been an issue on Fedora 24 and a new install but has been many years since I have been on Ubuntu. mount windows share on linux ubuntu

Under Linux (Ubuntu 12. 04) I want to mount a windows share windows partition named winshared on the network. I do not know the IP or anything else. On one Ubuntu system, I am able to mount a directory with. mount winsharedmypath mntwin while on one other Ubuntu system the exact same command just gives This brief tutorial shows students and new users how to automatically mount Windows shares on Ubuntu 17. 04 17. 10 for everyone to access without prompting for passwords. Yesterday we showed you how to create a public share on Windows system for everyone to access. This post is going to show you how to automatically mount Mount a network share in Linux doesnt have to be a nightmare, as you saw above we are able to follow an organized process. I like it when there is minimal configuration files changes involved and the commands are easy to understand, as it was in the case for this tutorial. mount windows share on linux ubuntu

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