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2020-01-19 21:17 Jul 06, 2010 Rekonq will be the new default browser for Kubuntu 10. 10 (Maverick Meerkat). This is a new project that will, hopefully, overcome some ofthe shortcomings of the current Konqueror browser. And in this article we will take a look at this new browser so all the Ghacks readers will be prepared when it lands on the new KDE desktop.

rekonq is a lightweight, QtWebKit based web browser developed inside the free software project KDE. It is the default web browser of Chakra GNULinux, and was formerly of Kubuntu (between versions 10. 10 and 13. 10 ). rekonq has been officially included in KDE Extragear since May 25, 2010. rekonq for windows May 19, 2010  Rekonq: A Quick Glance At Kubuntu Next Default Browser. At first glance, Rekonqs interface design looks very similar to Google Chrome, and like Chrome, Rekonq has the Webkit layout engine at its core. Webkit, originally developed by Apple, is actually derived from KHTML, the layout engine for Konqueror.

Rekonq is a web browser for KDE based on WebKit. It first focuses on being a light, fast& clean way to access to net. Its development is doubly based on using the new amazing features offered by the WebKit rendering engine and on the rock solid network KDE technologies. rekonq for windows

Rekonq. Rekonq is a strategy game in which you shall conquer to win. When a cell is conquered again by the opposite player, stays conquered permanently. The goal is to conquer most of the board. How to play. You can find the game instructions at docshowto. md. For more details about how to use each command, type help . Run Rekonq is quickly becoming my favorite browser, though I have some questions only because I couldn't find answers using Google. 1. Even though I change the text size in the configuration, and rekonqrc does show the change, the actual text on the web page still stays the same size (12 pt. ). As a Rekonq fan, I always have been interested in helping with Rekonq development, even if I had very limited time to do so. Although my daily job has been recently migrating to Windows XP, I am still preserving my Linux roots. rekonq for windows This is rekonq web browser site. rekonq (2. x) rekonq is a web browser for KDE based on WebKit. Try its nice minimal look, its lightweight approach and its advanced features! Download rekonq packages for ALTLinux, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, Mageia, NetBSD, OpenMandriva, openSUSE, ROSA, Slackware, Ubuntu. Jun 09, 2010  rekonq is a relatively new project aimed at creating a native KDE browser that addresses some of the perceived shortcomings in Konqueror, which has served as KDEs main file browserand sometimefile browserfor many years. Zoom slider. rekonq has a slider to adjust the zoom right from the configuration menu with a handy button to restore the zoom back to default. Of course, you can still use keyboard ( Ctrl ) or mouse ( Ctrl mouse scroll updown) shortcuts just the same.

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