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2020-01-26 17:26 Jul 31, 2012  With the Mango update came the ability to create your own custom ringtones. Folks were shocked however as you still couldnt do the same for Text, Email and or Voicemail. It looks like that will be a thing of the past however as it looks like custom alerts will be available on Windows Phone 8.

Oct 19, 2013  Windows 8 Sms Alert Tone Download Link Ruby Schartz All Windows 10 Sounds Marques Brownlee 1, 848, 359 views. 7: 07. 15 Clear Signs Your Phone Was Hacked windows 8 phone text alerts May 30, 2014 How to set custom contact alerts on Windows Phone 8. 1. Tap on the respective alert type, select a sound, and then save your work. That's all there is to it. The next time the contact calls or messages you, your device will use the custom alert to notify you. For users who want to use an MP3 or ringtone not included in Windows Phone,

1 Answer. Then select Notifications from the PC Settings menu. Scroll down the Show notifications from these apps list until you find the News application and slide the selection switch to Off. I had no idea that setting was there. In Windows 8. 1 you need to select Search and apps in the PC settings menu to find the Notifications option. windows 8 phone text alerts

Sep 21, 2016 I have notifications enabled for all my apps and have them running in the background, but seem to only get notifications from messaging, email, and phone. I'm not even getting notifications from windows central which usually is the most reliable app that i have on my 950XL. Please leave suggestions if anyone has any. Dec 03, 2015  Windows Phone 8. 1 tips: Improving Battery life& converting Text, SMS& Mail to Calendar entries. Two hot tips for those on Windows Phone 8. 1 already. Windows Phone 8. 1 comes with huge number of improvements over Windows Phone 8 and the improvements run deeper than one can imagine. Here is one example. Whenever, the phone running Windows Phone 8. 1 finds a future How to Set and Respond to Notifications in Windows 8. 1. At the bottom of the Start Settings pane, tap or click the Change PC Settings link, then on the left, click or tap on Search and Apps. The Search and Apps setting screen appears. Select Notifications on the left. Switch off the specific kind of notification that you dont want to see or, windows 8 phone text alerts Oct 14, 2013  How can I add new text alert tones to my windows 8 phone? I can load up ringtones no problem but I can't seem to figure out how to get new tones in to the Text& Apr 22, 2014  How to set up custom alerts in Windows Phone 8. 1. Scroll down to the bottom of the RingtoneSounds page until you find the Manage App Sounds button bar. You will see options to choose your Quick Action button and just below is a listing of apps that support custom alert sounds. Just tap on the app to customize the alert sound. Custom alert Apr 03, 2012 Here is a stepbystep tutorial for How To activate Email Alerts In Windows 8 mail app that lets you activate email alerts of your mails in your Windows 8 Mail App. How To Activate Email Alerts In Windows 8 Mail App: Open Windows 8 home screen and move cursor to the top rightcorner. A folder containing Various Windows Phone 8. 1 notification sounds has been posted by an user on Reddit. The notification sounds for Email, messaging, Alarm, Outlook mail, Reminder, Voicemail and Windows Notify exist in the Folder.

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