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2020-01-26 17:57 Dec 20, 2015 This was pretty irritating since Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 users could (and still can on Windows 8. 1 or Windows 10) use the app to remap the Surface Pen Button on the end to select which version of OneNote was launched.

Aug 12, 2015 Hi The Surface pen top button won't start OneNote 2013. No matter if I set it as default in OneNote options and the Surface app, the button will still start the metro app. Go to settings and turn your Bluetooth on! My pen wasn't working either and it turned out my Bluetooth wasn't on In my case, it starts after login, but not from lock screen as surface pro 3 windows 10 pen button Jun 18, 2016  After installing Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3 my pen does not work properly. I press the purple button and it opens One Note but will not write, and other than opening One Note the pen doesn't function. I have properly paired my pen. I have changed the battery. I have removed the pen

Sep 06, 2015 Solved Windows 10 and the Pen. Discussion in 'Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3' started by GegeNY, Aug 27, 2015. Loading With my Surface pro 3 and Windows 10, when I click the top button one time, OneNote is not opening. Double click work and open OneNote for screen capture. surface pro 3 windows 10 pen button

Dec 13, 2016 This battery also connects the pen with Surface and lights on the green light in the pen. The AA batterie it's exclusively for pen's tip (and writing). In my case the AA batterie was empty, the pen seems to work (the purple button worked, the pen was connected with Surface) but the pen didn't work. Sep 10, 2015  Surface Pro 3 Pen Button Windows 10 Bug. It was Empty. So adding the following keys: Shell\Open\Command. At the default I set the following: And presto, pressing the blue button opens OneNote for Desktop. You can also start other executables this way. Mar 29, 2015  One of the cool features the Surface Pro 3 offers is the pen. It lets you draw and write and even acts as a mouse. But, what would make it really handy is the ability to remap the Surface Pro 3 pen purple button to do something other than open the surface pro 3 windows 10 pen button Mar 20, 2019 Surface Pen can connect to computers running Windows 10 PCs via standard Bluetooth. Functionality, connectivity, and feature availability can vary by manufacturer. Surface Pro 1 and Surface Pro 2 only support inking with the Surface Pro Pen. Apr 02, 2019 On Surface Pen, press and hold the top button until the LED light blinks to make it discoverable. On your PC, select the Start button, then select Settings Devices Bluetooth& other devices. Make sure Bluetooth is on, then select Add Bluetooth or other device Bluetooth. Choose Surface Pen in the list of devices.

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