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2020-01-18 14:59 Jan 08, 2016  How to Make Icon Label Backgrounds Transparent in Windows XP Steps From the Windows Start menu, select Control Panel. In the Control Panel, select Appearance and Themes. Next, click Display. In the Display Properties windows, select the Desktop tab. Click the Customize Desktop button

Icon Text not Transparent on Desktop. First open System from the Control Panel, select the Advanced tab, and press the Settings button under the Performance header. Make sure that on the Visual Effects tab, the option Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop is selected. Also make sure that Smooth edges of screen fonts is checked, it is also needed. windows xp desktop icons transparent text background Aug 10, 2012 How do I change desktop icon text background to none? Thread starter hcsilvert; Windows XP Previous Next Sort by votes. H. hcsilvert Honorable. Aug 2, 2012 2 0 10, 510 0. Aug 2, 2012# 1 I will look for this, but you could try the same google transparent icon background. hey, the icons on my machine here at work do have transparent

Mar 14, 2013 Make desktop icons background transparent, You can easily remove this background color from desktop icon's label and make the background transparent. windows xp desktop icons transparent text background

May 23, 2012 Four things are required for transparent icon backgrounds: 1) System check use drop shadows for icon labels . 2) Rightclick on Desktop Arrange Icons byLock Web items must be cleared. 3) If you have any web content on your desktop, transparency won't work. Reenable icon transparency on your desktop in Windows XP. Sometimes changing a desktop theme or desktop background in Microsoft Windows XP inadvertently disables the Use drop shadows for icon labels, which is an item in desktop settings. Greg Shultz explains how to reenable this setting. Feb 06, 2019 Original title: Icon labels background I am working with Windows XP Professional and am customizing my desktop. In the past, somehow, the labels which appear beneath the icons on the desktop were transparent the type just floated above the image in the wallpaper. windows xp desktop icons transparent text background Aug 23, 2009  Follow the below steps to make desktop icon text transparent. Step 1: Open System Properties. Press Window key Pause Break to open system properties Or Go to Start Control Panel System. If your viewing control panel in Categories view then do this, Start Control Panel Performance and maintenance System. Jul 06, 2007  Make icons background transparent in Windows XP (if its not) 100 Solution: A) Right click desktop Properties Desktop Cuztomize Desktop Web Uncheck ALL Boxes B) Control Panel Accessibility Options Adjust the contrast for text and colors on your screen Uncheck Use High Contrast You should be all good. How can the answer be improved? 4) Wallpaper must be an image file, not html. Unfortunately there must be others because after installing Windows XP SP3 my icon text background is not transparent and the four things required to maintain a transparent text box are set appropriately yet my textbox background is not transparent.

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