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2020-01-17 14:23 # 2. The local settings folder is a hidden folder. If you want to see it, open 'my computer' goto 'tools' then 'folder options' then 'view' then check the 'show hidden files and folders' and press apply. Be careful not to install the toolbar, and it is also NOT recommeded to use the registry cleaning tool in the program.

Mar 31, 2019 The Network Service folder is and hidden folder in Windows XP Documents and Settings and it is a temporary storage folder for the network services. For more information on the local service folder check the link provided below. Note: Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. windows xp documents and settings networkservice Sep 02, 2011 I am wanting to be able to add the NetworkService account to he welcome screen in windows XP, (since i use that account a lot), the only help i could get after researching and asking was a registry tweak from a registry tweaking website; the file adds the 'administrator' account to the welcome screen here is the modified VBS code:

Apr 11, 2008 Same questions apply to C: \Documents and and C: \Documents and Settings\c4 Local Service and Network Service are ID's for portions of XP. Leave such things alone except for the usual backup. windows xp documents and settings networkservice

May 13, 2012 I have found some info on the subject, but I was wondering if someone can explain why xp has created so many subfolders in the Documents and Settings folder and what is kept in each one. Here they are Administrator (I am the administrator and I have my own docs folder) All Users. Default User. LocalService. NetworkService C: \Documents and Is there anyway I can combine these and have just one or two folders. I saw a previous post talking about CI information that did a master merge but I can't figure out how to start it. Windows XP Folders and Locations vs. Windows 7 and Vista By default, these folders are hidden andor displayed to the user. Here is a list of folders& location Windows XP system vs. Windows 7 windows xp documents and settings networkservice

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