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2019-12-15 06:04 If you are using a Samsung or Android phone and a Windows PC which is running on Windows 10 OS, this guide is right for you. We will discuss how to connect Samsung mobile and Windows 10 computer through Bluetooth and transfer photos, videos, music files between Samsung phones and Windows 10 via Bluetooth.

Aug 06, 2016 I could transfer photos from my mobile to my laptop running windows 8. 1 by selecting share then Bluetooth on my phone. I updated my laptop on 29th July to Windows 10 and have been testing the upgrade to ensure I can accomplish all I wish. When attempting the same process the following message share photo bluetooth windows phone Apr 10, 2015 Yes, it is possible to share files, videos& images to the web, or via NFC or Bluetooth, using the Files app for Windows Phone. Files app for Windows Phone. To kick things off, folks who are

Windows Phone doesn't support sharing its connection over Bluetooth, nor connecting to the Internet via a Bluetooth connection. The closest that is achievable, is that Internet sharing can be started from paired Bluetooth device, and on Windows 8. 1, this will show the hotspot as an available WiFi network this still works as a WiFi network though, so in your case, with the faulty WiFi share photo bluetooth windows phone

1. Open bluetooth automatically by tapping the Bluetooth button. 2. Share your photos& videos in photo album via bluetooth. 3. Open files from mail, safari or Now if you look at your Windows Phone Bluetooth settings, you will see that the phone is no more connected with the other mobile. Temporary Solution: After trying it out a couple of hit and trial the best solution is to connect Windows Phone with Android just before you hit share file from Android or iPhone. You turn on Bluetooth on both the Oct 31, 2013 Microsoft Surface for Windows RT; Sharing over bluetooth. 02: 42 PM. 27 1 2. Jump to page: Don't. Such as surface and windows phone playing nice with each other. A prime example I should be able to smart glass a video from my Lumia to my surface is it not odd that you cant share photos with xbox either over smartglass share photo bluetooth windows phone Mar 20, 2019 Use the Settings app in Windows 10 to send and receive files over Bluetooth. Skip to main content Share files over Bluetooth. Content provided by Microsoft. Send files over Bluetooth. Share a photo, video, or other kind of file with a friend who has a phone, laptop, or tablet. Make sure the other device you want to share with is paired with May 14, 2018  Step 3: If you want to share a Photo that you have on your Windows phone, go to the App list, tap on the Photos. Look for the Photo that you want to share over Bluetooth, and then tap on it. Now, tap the Share option. Tap on the Bluetooth button. This will open the Choose Bluetooth Feb 09, 2013 Hello Dear Friend, As you want to know about How to send photos via Bluetooth on android phone for this yes you can send the photo via bluetooth on android phone and for this you need to go to the gallery and then all photos, then click on share now click bluetooth option for sharing. Nov 28, 2014  It is not possible to share anything other than photos from Windows Phone to iOS. Even if you save other files in the Local Folder in Feem on your Windows Phone, the app only shows photos

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