Youtube videos freeze windows 8

2020-01-20 17:03 As stated in the title, when I go to watch any videos, Netflix, YouTube, HBOgo, the video will play for a bit, freeze, while the audio continues,

May 08, 2012 When I try and Update the IDT, it says that i already have the best installed ATI High Definition Audio Device. I think the problem is WINDOWS 7! . Everyone is saying that it freezes during the video, but when I click on a youtube video, it opens the new page, and the first second it starts, my ENTIRE COMPUTER freezes up! youtube videos freeze windows 8 Jul 23, 2015 Whenever i go to play a YouTube, the video it freezes up. Then after about 15 seconds, or more it says google chrome is not responding. The freeze can last anywhere from 15, to 60 seconds. It was completely freezing Chrome for me; I had to get Windows to kill the process. (It was, oddly enough, only YouTube that would freeze it; other HTML

Apparently, crashing YouTube is no longer compatible with Windows 8. Today I had to restart my computer five times because YouTube freezing and crashing managed to break my entire desktop. This only happens with Firefox. Also, YouTube is much slower to load on Firefox, which will most likely make Windows 8 crash more often. youtube videos freeze windows 8

I am watching Youtube videos in my free time (almost every hour). After few days the computer started to freeze when I open a page with the video or close the page with video, not while I watch a video. No BSODs. Nothing in Event viewer. I use Firefox only. When computer freezes the sound wont. Apr 17, 2018 Older PCs may hang during startup when Windows 8. 1 Fast Startup is enabled. The best first action is to update the PC firmware and drivers available from the PC manufacturer. Windows Update freezes when you install updates in Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista. Troubleshooting a Random Hang. Video and display diagnostics; Nov 16, 2013 My windows 8 pro hangs when i watch online videos on browser(any browser). It happens very frequently. My only option is to restart my system. I can post any logs that would be required. This never happened in windows 7. youtube videos freeze windows 8 Jul 13, 2015  About a week ago I just build myself a custom gaming PC. Playing games and running intense programs are no problem on my computer but whenever I watch YouTube videos for a certain amount of time, usually 20 minutes, my computer freezes and displays my I am running Windows 8 and for the first few months everything was fine. Then I changed PC cases and all of a sudden, when I attempt to watch a YouTube video or try to do something (such as opening Windows Media Player and trying to play a song) before the startup procedure has loaded everything and finished, the computer freezes. I actually liked it a lot, until my PC started freezing frequently. This is basically what happens, but it only happens when watching videos from specifically youtube, any other site has no problems, and I have no problem watching videos from VLC either. Also in my case it doesn't last for a couple of seconds, the pc completely freezes and I Apr 21, 2012 Re: In windows 8 PC Freezes Only On Youtube I think your first problem is your running windows 8 on a laptop. I have found that notebooks and laptops don't have the video components to run video properly. . I would highly suggest going back to win 7 on your laptop.

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