Windows 7 desktop black screen after login

2020-01-19 22:18 Dec 03, 2009  black screen after login on windows 7 starter I wanted to change the Window 7 Starter default wallpaper to a picture I had. So I looked online and found some instructions (see below); others had commented that they worked so I thought Id give it a try.

Aug 20, 2012 Remote Desktop Failure Black screen ok basically lately my remote desktop is flaky. Scenario is. Activated Windows 7 N Ultimate as host machine (in other room) Activated Windows 7 Ultimate as client machine, am using it now. If I remote desktop in after logging in locally on the host, I get the black screen for approx 2 Network& Sharing windows 7 desktop black screen after login Aug 29, 2016  In reply to: Windows 7 black screen with curser after login. 1. Boot your computer in Safe Mode, then go to My Computer and rightclick on Disk C

Sep 13, 2017 The actual cause of the Windows 10 black screen after login is still unclear; it could be the Windows update itself, or something else got messed up after the update. windows 7 desktop black screen after login

Jun 30, 2011 windows 7 black screen after login, no desktop show up. Windows 7 IT Pro Had the usual symptoms Windows 7, could log in, then black screen with only the mouse pointer. Sometimes I could hit CtrlAltDel to get to the task manager, other times even that wasn't working. Had recently installed some updates and a new video driver, which was May 10, 2017 Just a black screen with a cursor after logging in to windows. No desktop after entering password in login screen. Easiest way to fix when explorer does not start automatically. Registry Location Jun 26, 2012 Hi there, I have a windows 7 pc in a domain , so when you get to the initial windows 7 welcome screen (prior to logging in as a user), you get a blank transparent Picture: Customization: Windows 7 logon screen is blank; I can't access my computer. I was trying to change my logon screen after reading that thread on another forum. windows 7 desktop black screen after login Feb 04, 2019  How to fix black screen with desktop access on Windows 10. If you see a black screen after signing into your account, and you're still able to use the mouse pointer, then it Feb 23, 2018  I was able to fix the Windows 7 logon black screen with cursor problem but it was replaced by another problem called Slow My Computer at startup! . The problem is that after I logon to Windows 7, for a few seconds My Computer and all my drives are still very fast. Then My Computer kind of locks for about 45 seconds. Feb 02, 2015 How to fix black screen after log in on windows 7 Hayden Nelson Windows 7, 8, 10 Black Screen With Cursor at Startup How to FIX Windows 1087 BLACK Screen or Death Screen After Login Sep 30, 2018 How to Fix the Black Screen after Windows 7 Startup or Login Method 1: Check the Connection between Hardware and PC Please check the connection of the power cable of monitor as well as the monitor and the video card.

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