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2020-01-29 03:11 Apr 03, 2019 In Windows 8. 1 there is no in built option to set your face as a password, however you need to contact HP if you want to set up face recognition password. HP might have some application for face recognition. You can contact them on the link given below. Laptop and Notebook Computers

Dec 22, 2014 I want to Uninstall, permanently REMOVE, the Face Recognition program from Windows 8. 1. When I select this program from the list of all programs displayed, I am not given an uninstall option, only the option to change , which then begins to install. face recognition software windows 8.1 I'm currently on Windows 8. 1 and I need to setup face recognition for the security of my system. I have a Webcam that is the most important hardware for my will. How can I setup face recognition on Windows 8. 1? Is this security type reliable enough? Are there any software with this feature?

Dec 10, 2013 We are going to review 3 free facial recognition software for Windows, after having very closer look to provide our readers free facial login application, and we found 3 best applications on Windows which works amazingly and available for free also. Also Read: 3 Best Pattern Lock FREE Software to Unlock Windows 7, 8 Screen face recognition software windows 8.1

The face recognition is a good authentication system which makes your confidential files or folders more secured. Having the face recognition login system with the Windows computer ensures that no one can break into your system without you as there is no chance of stealing your login password. In the earlier of this decade, this was a myth for the general computer users since the use of Jan 25, 2013 hi friends, i use windows 8 basic edition. does it come with face recgnition software? i concern is to use face recogniton logons does the OS support this? is there a way to do it? thanks I use Visual studio 2008 Team Systems and SQL server 2005 standard edition! It's not built in. The only company I'm aware of that offers anything like that is http These software are easy to download and install. This article deals with three of the best face recognition software to unlock Windows 8. 1. KeyLemon. Of all the various kinds of face recognition software to unlock Windows 8 that we have tested, this is by far the best. face recognition software windows 8.1

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