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2020-01-21 08:07 'autoread' 'ar' 'noautoread' 'noar' 'autoread' 'ar' boolean (default off) global or local to buffer globallocal not in Vi When a file has been detected to have been changed outside of Vim and it has not been changed inside of Vim, automatically read it again. When the

Using Python. This schedules a Python thread to run in the background, it will run: checktime every n seconds. If autoread is enabled, this will reload the buffer from disk, else it will just warn. This requires that Vim has python or python3 in: version. It should work on all platforms (including Windows). vim autoread windows 'autoread' only checks if the file is changed on when certain events occur. Use: Autoread to start checking, and: AutoreadStop to stop. See: help: Autoread (or the help file ) for more information.

set autoread doesn't seem to work Hi folks, I know this has been asked many times before but after reading through the archives I still can't get 'set autoread' reload a file automatically. I have a log file which keeps growing and would like to have it read automatically whenever it changes so I only need to press G to go to the current end of vim autoread windows

vimautoread Automatically causes vim to reload files which have been written on disk but not modified in the buffer since the last write from vim. This enables a file open in vim to be edited using another application and saved. Use to watch all files. options (optional): A Dict object with any of the following keys: autoread: If set to 1, causes autoread option to be turned on for the buffer in addition to setting up the autocommands. toggle: If set to 1, causes this behavior to toggle between on and off. For example, vim# # src. zip with version 8. 1 is vim81src. zip and vim# # src. tar. gz for version 8. 1 is vim8. 1src. tar. gz. Links are provided for quick access to the latest version. Links are provided for quick access to the latest version. vim autoread windows I've been using Vim 6. 3 (specifically, gvim) for years (and plain old vi for decades before that). One nice feature was that autoread would detect if the file permissions changed. I made use of that

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