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2020-01-19 21:02 Aug 21, 2016 Instead, I had to use the PIN. A short glimpse in the Settings revealed that there was no Windows Hello option anymore! Although there are two drivers, a Synaptics Driver and a Validity Fingerprint Sensor Driver in my program list, the whole fingerprint reader does not work anymore.

Hi help please re Windows Hello finger print not working System details Laptop HP ENVY Notebook 13d004na (ENERGY STAR) x64 Windows 10 Home windows hello not working fingerprint How can the answer be improved?

Nov 29, 2017 hello everyone. my fingerprint sensor was working just fine, and then one day i needed to add another fingerprint, i opened the sign up settings, and when i try to add fingerprint the wizard (saying windows hello setup) flashes for a second and then disappears, when i try again same thing happens, i've been trying to figure out a solution for months and still nothing, i'm very windows hello not working fingerprint

Feb 11, 2018  In this video I'll show you how to fix and enable the fingerprint scanner on HP laptops using windows hello instead of HP simplepassprotect tools. If this method doesn't work Jan 09, 2019  How to fix Windows 10 fingerprint reader not working? Before carrying out a thorough investigation, make sure to check up on a few things: Windows Hello is exclusive to Windows 10 devices. Thus, if you are running another version of Microsofts OS, you cant use the functionality in question. In such a case, consider upgrading to Windows 10. Feb 16, 2019 Windows Hello disappeared Fingerprint not working anymore Hi everyone, I have a Elitebook 840 G2 with Windows 10 running on it. Since I use Win10, I was always logging in with Windows Hello and the built in fingerprint reader. windows hello not working fingerprint Dec 29, 2017 How to Fix Windows Hello not Working Windows 10? Method 1 Enable Biometric from Local Group Policy. The fingerprint reading and face recognition feature usually breaks due to the modification in the Local Group Policy after upgrading to Windows 10. How to Reset Windows Hello Biometrics. But, when its not working, it can be a lot harder to reset. Please note, this will reset Windows Hello (face scan, fingerprint scan, and iris scan) for all users registered on the computer: 1. Stop the Windows Biometric Service from the Control Panel. Log into the computer using your PIN. RE: windows hello xps 15 not working I tried to upgrade BIOS system and updated the driver from Dell for Fingerprint as well. I have also uninstalled the Windows Creator Jun 16, 2018 Windows Hello (Fingerprint) not working Drivers uptodate I have a bit of a predicament. I bought a brand new Matebook X Pro (from China). It was preinstalled with a Chinese version of Windows 10 wiped it completely clean and installed a Windows 10 English copy.

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