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2020-01-21 17:22 Oct 24, 2012 Microsoft will also be debuting a second, related operating system called Windows RT. Though Windows 8 and Windows RT look exactly alike, there's a fundamental technical difference between the two

Jan 19, 2015  Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows RT Common Criteria Supplemental Administrative Guidance. Microsoft Windows 8 Microsoft Windows RT Common Criteria Supplemental Admin. docx This document provides administrator guidance for Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows RT as evaluated for Common Criteria. Click the download button on this page to start the microsoft windows rt vs windows 8 Nov 30, 2012  Windows RT vs. Windows 8 Pro: Choose the right tablet for work. The Microsoft tablet is slated for a January 2013 release although there is speculation it could hit the street in December. Microsoft has just announced official pricing for the Surface Pro: a 64GB unit will be 900, and the 128GB tablet will be 1000.

Windows 8 is the latest generation in Microsofts longrunning series of operating systems. It runs in x86 chips from Intel and AMD, and will run thirdparty software written for previous versions (Windows 7, Windows Vista, etc. ). Windows RT, on the other hand, uses ARMbased processors. microsoft windows rt vs windows 8

Microsoft's Windows 8 Surface Pro or Surface Pro is a smart ultra portable tablet designed with the core windows OS. It is an upgrade of the earlier hybrid OS, the Microsoft Surface Windows RT. The initial development of the Windows RT came with some flaws, which the Surface Pro addresses. Sep 01, 2016 Microsoft Office Home& Student 2013 RT is included in Windows RT, and Office 2013 RT is included in Windows RT 8. 1. Both contain touchoptimized desktop versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote, and Office 2013 RT also includes Outlook. Some features and programs are unsupported. For more details, see the Office 2013 RT product page. Nov 02, 2012 Windows RT vs. Windows 8. Windows RT contains many of the same features as Windows 8: Fluid, intuitive, and easytouse interface design that you can easily customize. Built in apps like Mail, Calendar, Messaging, Photos, and SkyDrive with many more apps available in the Windows Store. Internet Explorer 10, for fast, intuitive browsing. microsoft windows rt vs windows 8 Oct 23, 2012  Microsoft Windows RT vs. Windows 8: Whats the difference? Processor. When Windows RT was announced, it was originally called Windows on ARM, denoting Software and apps. Microsoft claims that both RT and Pro devices are extensions of the PC, Price. If youre looking for a pricepoint Windows 8 Enterprise is aimed at business environments and is available through volume licensing, while Windows RT is the only edition comes preloaded on new ARMbased devices for Windows. Windows 8 is known as the core version and is the basic version available for the software. When Microsoft launches Windows 8 on October 26, it also will unveil Windows RT, a new version of Microsoft's operating system designed specifically for ARMbased devices. Windows 8 and Windows RT have much in common, particularly the Modern UI Style (formerly Metro) design, with Live Tiles that dynamically display personalized information such as the current weather or the number of messages Windows RT vs Windows 8: price. Windows RT devices will cost less than Windows 8 ones think Android tablets or the iPad versus Windows laptops, Microsoft Surface starts at 399 and Windows RT users won't have to pay for their copies of Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel only, though).

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