Auctex install windows

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I am following the detailed instructions on how to install AUCTeX on Windows found here. After all prerequisites are installed the instructions state to start some shell (typically Bash) capable of running configure . As I'm running windows, command prompt does not have the configure command and I don't know much about Powershell but I don't think that would work either. auctex install windows I decided for a clean install, afterall. As stated in the question, I followed Joachim Schlosser's guide (website guide in english youtube tutorial in german). I would suggest to anyone trying to install and configure AUCTeX, to first read the guide then download all the necessary binaries and zip files in one folder and imitate what the tutorial does (I don't speak German but I still pulled

This is how I attempted to install the package: I ran the command listpackages and then tried to install the auctex package in package mode. This was the line showing auctex entry in package mode: auctex available gnu Integrated environment for TeX Now when I try to install that, I get this message: auctex install windows

Detailed Installation Instructions. Installation of AUCTeX under Windows is in itself not more complicated than on other platforms. However, meeting the prerequisites might require more work than on some other platforms, and feel less natural. If you are experiencing any problems, even if Precompiled AUCTeX for Emacs. As an Emacs user you can use the following package for Emacs 24. 5: ( signature ) In order to use it follow this recipe: Get Emacs 24. 5 for Windows and follow its installation instructions. Install AUCTEX. If you have other preferences, make sure their paths are included in the system variable PATH. You can also reach this option from the Menu: Options Customize Emacs Toplevel Customization Group Environment Frames Display Mm Dimensions Alist. auctex install windows

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