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2019-12-13 08:49 Oct 11, 2018 My specs and situation: Windows 7 Home Premium cannot access the shared folders on any computer on my home network (same workgroup) especially not the ones off my NAS. Tried sync'ing the clocks, disabling IPv6, removing the 4to6 network adaptors (I had none), messing with secpol. msc (not available on W7 Home), the firewall is off, sharing is

Sep 28, 2018 Open the computer that has the shared folders you want to browse. In some older versions of Windows, you might have to open Entire Network and then Microsoft Windows Network before you can see any shares. Any nonadministrative Windows shares that are set on that computer appear in the left pane. windows 7 view shared folders Jan 08, 2012 Cannot open shared folders between Windows 7& Vista Good afternoon eveyone. I have a Windows 7 PC and a Windows Vista laptop that I want to be able to share either whole drives or certain files between the 2.

Jul 18, 2018 Windows 7 system can't even see the Windows 10 system on the network in the Windows Explorer. Though Windows 10 system can see Windows 7 system on the network in the Windows Explorer, it grants no access. I especially share the public folders with full access but it doesn't make any difference. windows 7 view shared folders

Both the XP and the two Vista computers can see and use each others folder shares (but none can see the Windows 7 shared folders). Finally, FYI I can set up a file share inside of a XP VM (VMware) on my Windows 7 computer, and it can both share and see other shared folders on my network (again, it cannot see the Win7 host shares). How to view your shared folders using Windows Explorer in Windows 7. However, you can right click on each folder and then click Properties. This opens the Properties window of the selected shared folder. You can use it to access more information about how the folder is shared, the security settings it View a list of all shared folders on Windows. Good thing there is a list with all shared files hidden on your system to get to it search for Computer Management in the Start menu. On the left pane of the CM window, browse for Computer Management (Local) System Tools Shared Folders Shared windows 7 view shared folders How can the answer be improved? To view a list of all shared folders. Click the Windows button. Rightclick Computer and choose Manage (requires administrative priveleges) Traverse to Computer Management System Tools Shared Folders Shares. To share custom libraries or folders, open Windows Explorer, and select the custom library or folder that you would like to share. Click Share With on the toolbar. Do not doubleclick the library or folder; just select it by clicking it once.

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