My mouse freezes in windows 8

2020-01-25 14:29 If youve upgraded to Windows 10 and now your mouse quite often lags or freezes, youre not the only one. Quite a few Windows users have reported this problem. But dont worry you wont have to put up with it forever. Were here to help you fix your mouse freeze with stepbystep instructions and clear images of what you need to do.

Apr 23, 2016 I have exactly the same issue on Windows 8. 1: wired USB mouse freezes for 0. 51 seconds every 515 minutes no matter what applications are in the memory. I tired to disable various services (including firewall and antivirus) with no result. Event Log did not give me any hints either (even the most recent informational events were dated last my mouse freezes in windows 8 Top 2 Way to Fix Freezes Windows 8. 1. Open a command prompt by pointing to the lowerleft corner, rightclicking the preview, and then clicking Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) . 2. Select Run as administrator . 3. Accept the UAC prompt, and

Jan 07, 2013 Answers. Windows 8 was built and designed for touch screen technology, not point and click with a mouse or touchpad. It is not very backward compatible. This is likely why Microsoft does NOT have an Windows 8 Upgrade Advisor. Windows 8 is for the next generation of computers with touch screen technology. my mouse freezes in windows 8

Oct 11, 2013  This video will show you how to make the touchpadmouse, function on Windows 8 laptop. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. How to Solve a PC Mouse Freeze Sep 11, 2017 If your mouse cursor is slow, freezing, or not responding, this tutorial will be for you. This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops, and tablets running the Windows 10, Windows 88 Jul 14, 2017  mouse pointer freezes on windows 8 Tried suggested solutions on MS Community, does not seem to apply. My problem is freezing mouse pointer. I've resort to restart to get the mouse pointer moving again. The laptop has plenty memory. Did this my mouse freezes in windows 8 Mar 27, 2013 Hi guys! So in January or so my Windows 8 trial ended and I got the full version of Windows 8. My computer is also custom made. Anyways, a month or so ago the cursor randomly froze. The mouse was still on and plugged in, but I couldn't move the cursor, scroll down, click on anything, etc I tried three other mouses too and the same thing Jul 11, 2015 Then mouse over to the top left hand corner of your screen to switch back to your working interface. Everytime the mouse freezes, just slide the cursor to the top left hand corner of your screen to switch to the bluetooth page. The mouse will unfreeze once you switch to this pageand then you can switch back to your working page. My touchpad laptop mouse randomly freezes quite often which is annoying. It generally unfreezes if I leave it alone for a minute or two, but sometimes I have to close my laptop before it unfreezes. I have not tried plugging in a mouse yet, but will get one if I must. My Operating system is windows 8 My mouse pointer keeps freezingdragging. I move my mouse and it just drags along. I have tried: 1. running Malware (updated) and it found nothing. 2. changing the port (Hard boot) I have heard to delete the driver and let windows 8 reinstall I have a wired mouse (I don't like wireless), Windows 8, HP ENVY m6 Notebook PC Thanks for any help.

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