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2019-12-12 02:44 Sep 24, 2012 Note If more than one Desktop. ini file exists, follow these steps for all the Desktop. ini files. Rightclick the Desktop. ini file, click Properties, and then click the Security tab. In the Group or user names pane, click Administrators.

Apr 17, 2018  Rightclick the Documents folder, and then click Properties. On the Target tab, configure the following: In the Setting box, click Basicredirect everyones folder to the same location. In the Target Folder Location box, click Create a folder for each user under the root path. my documents windows 7 desktop ini Aug 11, 2010 type ATTRIB S R H DESKTOP. INI and press. type NOTEPAD DESKTOP. INI and press. Press and print a copy of the DESKTOP. INI file for reference, in case you want to change the display name back to the default My Documents . Change the value of to whatever you want.

I have inadvertently messed up the desktop. ini file for the My documents folder in my user account. As a result I've lost the special folder icon. I would be grateful if someone could post the contents of their desktop. ini file in that folder so that I can restore the folder icon and name. my documents windows 7 desktop ini

The directory name is Documents, if you look inside of it you'll see a hidden desktop. ini folder. Explorer is using the name from inside the desktop. ini and displaying that instead of the actual folder name. If you look inside the desktop. ini you should see lines similar to the following: Nov 04, 2013 According to KB, when you redirect the Documents folder on a Windows Vistabased or Windows 7based computer to a network share, the folder name can unexp How to Fix Redirected Windows 7 User Folders Displaying as My Documents in Server 2008 R2 Using PowerShell Windows Server Spiceworks Option 1 Remove Desktop. ini with Group Policy Preference. Select New File Action Delete Source Files N: desktop. ini Tick Suppress errors on individual file actions Common Tab Tick Run in loggedonuserss security context (user policy option) Apply OK. 3. It should now look like this. my documents windows 7 desktop ini Jun 28, 2010 Windows 7: What is the Desktop. ini file and How Can I Remove It? Posted June 28, 2010 by David Kirk in Windows. Why do I see the desktop. ini file in every folder? How can I get rid of it? One of my neighbors called today asking me all of these questions. By resetting this setting to hide these files, the desktop. ini files will no longer be Apr 09, 2019 Hi AntipodeamRJ, Enabling the Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) setting in Folder Options hides the two Desktop. ini files, as well. To access the Folder Options, open Windows Explorer, click Organize, click Folder and Search Options and select the View tab. Jul 21, 2016 As always, backup your registry before editing. Cause: When a user with a home folder redirected to a network share logs in to a Windows 7 machine, windows 7 creates a desktop. ini file in the user home folder. The line causes the folder to appear with the name My documents. May 04, 2012  Hi I am using a windows 2008 server and windows 7 machines. Got the problem of user folders being renamed to my documents which is kinda annoying as I am in a small school and teachers have access to pupils folders but as they are all named 'My Documents

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