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2019-12-12 19:16 Aug 15, 2009  A sharpeyed and onbeat user at the Windows 7 Taskforce has noted the default busy animated cursor in Windows 7 actually stutters a little during its animation loop. If youre not seeing it at first, watch closely just before the shining highlight returns to the 12 oclock position, skipping a beat somewhere around 11 on the clock face.

Mar 08, 2016 Windows 7: Cursor Spinning NonStop. The computer does not freeze. I can move the busy in the background cursor to other parts of the screen easily. yes, i check for computer virus, but found none. Since i posted my issue, i ran pctuneup. com, and now there is no abnormal CPU usage. CPU usage fluctuates from 0 to 2 with 110 processes running, windows 7 busy cursor fix Jun 07, 2015  Cursor Constantly has a Flashing Busy Circle by Cursorisflashingcnet June 1, 2014 2: 52 AM PDT Hi, as of yesterday my cursor, with the exception of when I

Also, try rightclicking on the desktop, click Personalize, and make sure you have an Aero theme enabled (as opposed to a Basic theme). Try the Windows 7 Aero Busy Cursor Fix. If the original icon does not spin, I doubt the fixed version (without the missing frame) will work Yes, Snark is right. windows 7 busy cursor fix

How to Fix: Constant Spinning Cursor (Circle) in Windows. On Bill's system the file was located in C: \Program Files\HP\HP Deskjet 3050A J611 series\Bin . I copied this path with the mouse, then opened up a File Explorer (Windows Explorer) window, then paste the path into the path field and pressed Enter on the keyboard. Aug 31, 2011 In reply to: Vista x64mouse cursor constantly flashes busy Also let us know what security software you have running, eg firewall, antivirus, other antimalware and so on. Apr 11, 2015 mouse cursor keep flashing as busy constantly hi, I have a sony vaio 17 laptop. yesterday I made some update of Vaio Care . after that my mouse cursor is keep blinking with busy circle. it show normal cursor when I type something or my mouse is on any line. Windows 7 nVidia GeForce GTX 275 card. windows 7 busy cursor fix On my windows 10 tablet (full windows, not RT) I am getting a black screen at boot just before the login screen. If I move the mouse can see the cursor, and if I press FNF8 I can see and toggle Mar 24, 2018  I have a Windows 7 Pro user who's mouse cursor is constantly blinking. It blinks and you will see the icon switch back and forth from busy to not busy. It only seems to occur when she is working with a Word document and nothing else. She is also prints to May 04, 2010  Some of the animated busy cursors which come with Windows 7 RTM have glitches where a frame is missingrepeated. If you are using the default DPI and look closely (andor have OCD) you should see the busy cursor animation jump and stutter around 12 oclock with the default busy cursor and around 4 oclock with the large busy cursor. Your Windows 7 computer boots to a black screen with cursor, and you have no idea what you have done to cause this problem. This is frustrating. But dont worry. Its a common black screen issues and you can fix it. Why does the black screen with cursor happen in my Windows 7 computer?

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