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2019-12-11 05:12 Dec 11, 2010 The Start Menu gets redirected and the customized menu is copied, however when I click the START button and choose all programs, no programs appear in the list. However, when I click the START button and right click ALL PROGRAMS and choose OPEN, it shows C: start menu (which is my redirected START MENU) and all the programs that I customized appear in the list.

Mar 10, 2012 Windows 7: Blank space in Start Menu. Right click on the Start button and select Properties. 2. Make sure you select the Start Menu tab, and the select Customize 3. On the bottom you'll see something that says: 'Number of recent programs to display Just select the amount you want, and it will reduce, or increase, the size of the start menu. start menu redirection windows 7 empty Sep 12, 2013 Successfully applied policy and redirected Start Menu to Redirection options 0x. on the next line. Is the right? But no matter what I try I still get up Empty for my redirected Start Menu I have got start menu redirection working on a seperate server with Windows 7 but within school it having none of it.

Aug 28, 2012  Windows 7 and Windows XP have different Start menu structures. As a best practice for Windows XPbased computers, Microsoft recommend do not use Folder Redirection to redirect the Start Menu folder; instead, use Group Policy to control what appears on the Start Menu. start menu redirection windows 7 empty

Apr 02, 2012  Since we started testing Windows 7 we'd noticed that (amongst other things) Microsoft have it somewhat difficult to get a clean Start Menu and Taskbar set up for users without the detritus MS think we want to see on first logon. We need to provide a standard desktop for training purposes that points users to Dec 01, 2011 In the original GPO the start menu is redirected using specific groups, so staff goes to the staff menu and the students goes to the students menu. In the Windows 7 GPO, which has a higher link order so will overwrite the settings in the default GPO, I have set the Start menu redirection to include the Programs folder. Hi guys, I am setting up our new 2008 TS environment these days, and I have met an annoying problem. We have been using a logonscript in a GPO to copy a folder with shortcuts as the new Start Menu for the TS users (each shortcut has its own pemissions, so a user is start menu redirection windows 7 empty Oct 01, 2012 I'm having the problem where a redirected start menu appears empty. Using server 2008 R2 and the clients are Windows 7 SP1 I've tried some suggestions what others have said such as running a registery fix, ticking move existing contents. Apr 23, 2010  Trying to implement windows 7 but can't get the start menu to redirect. Its set to redirect to in that share the is a folder called 'programs' containing all How to remove programs from the start menu windows 7 client using a GPO managed on window server 2008 r2. and then create your custom, three program start menu in the location or locations you redirect the Start Menu to. The simplest example being as Aug 21, 2007  Home Forums Server Operating Systems Windows Server 2000 2003 2003 R2 Empty Programs List after Start Menu Folder ReDirection This topic contains 2

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