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2020-01-19 21:03 Mar 07, 2014  Windows 7 wont pass welcome screen, even in safe mode. Thread starter MesTReaM; Start date Mar 7, 2014; Forums. Software. welcome screen with a low resolution and the system wont pass it. the mouse is moveable but the system wont pass the welcome screen. i tried the safe mode

Sep 08, 2015 Windows 7 stuck in Safe Mode login screen. That said, just last week I encountered a heavily damaged Windows 7 on a factory issue Sony install. My end workaround was to upgrade it to 10. That worked and while the only road back to 7 is a factory restore the move to 10 kept 99 of the 100 apps the owner has installed. windows 7 safe mode welcome screen Oct 16, 2015 Having issues on several computers this morning. About 8 of them so far. When they log in Windows 7 just spins on the Welcome screen. Powering off and booting to Safe Mode, then rebooting seems to fix the problem.

Sep 12, 2010  If it freezes in safe mode or the welcome screen there, you have a hardware issue. Remove the 1 GB factory memory and the machine will function perfectly fine. The mismatched ram is windows 7 safe mode welcome screen

Jul 16, 2015 After doing this Windows would boot to the welcome screen. When I click the icon to logon it immediately logged off. Can log into safe mode normally. While in safe mode I created two new user accounts, one Administrator, one Standard. When attempting to logon with the new Standard account, Windows logs out immediately. Exact same problem with a dell Inspiron running windows 7. Worked fine for 2 years suddenly hangs shortly after reboot. works fine in safe mode. Restore did nothing to help to any available restore point. Sep 11, 2010 Stuck on Windows splash screen, safe mode stuck on classpnp. sys After a power outage 3 weeks ago I was having issues with the system going down at around 5 minutes and then less and less time after that. windows 7 safe mode welcome screen Sep 10, 2010 I've restarted and attempted to access Safe Mode however it also freezes at Welcome screen. I went into the repair system screen and tried a system restore but it says there are no restore points available and I know I haven't deleted my restore points. I've tried disconnecting any of the hardware I've had installed but that hasn't helped either.

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