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Bonjour tous! J'ai acquis Windows 8 et je souhaitais install le jeu Les Sims Medieval LSM Nobles& Pirates . L'installation des jeux c'est fait avec succs, mais lorsque je lance le sims medieval origin windows 8 Oct 24, 2015 This is the final section where I will discuss how to make The Sims Medieval work and then be prepared to play it for many hours, with tons of replay value, like how I did. 1. Open up Origin 2. Click on My Game 3. Check to see if The Sims Medieval is there (It should be, if not, then you did something wrong) 4. Click on The Sims Medieval 5. Click Download 6.

I just bought the Sims Medieval Deluxe but it doesn't work on my pc. My computer has Windows 8, but it wasn't written anywhere that Windows 8 cannot play the game. What should I do? I'm prepared to wait a few months for the game to update so I can play it too, but if this isn't likely to happen at all I'd like my money back (somehow). sims medieval origin windows 8

Mar 22, 2011  1. 0 1. 1 Filefolder structure within this directory reflects the path(s) listed for Windows andor Steam game data (use Wine regedit to access Windows registry paths). Games with Steam Cloud support may store data in. steamsteamuserdata Sims Medieval has been a charm for me on Windows 8. 1. I have never had an issue, the game runs fantastic. Sorry about your troubles, I doubt this game will see the bug fixes it Before I start, sorry if this isn't exactly the right place, as Medieval is a spinoff from The Sims 3, but this was the only place I could find close enough to being suitable. Anyway, as so many people are aware, The Sims Medieval isn't totally compatible with Windows 8. sims medieval origin windows 8 Dec 07, 2012 I just discovered that Sims Medieval will play on Windows 8 as long as you don't install the patch. Just play the base game as installed from disc. I don't understand it, but it works. The new computer has windows 8 on it. Now I can't play the Sims Medieval at all because it doesn't work with windows 8. I am begging you to please fix this issue ASAP. I am very disappointed because I really enjoyed The Sims Medieval and it feels like you guys just gave up on that game and don't care about us customers at all. May 19, 2016  I do NOT want to hear what you thinkI am asking this question strictly to people who Have Windows 10 AND Sims Medieval through Origin. Does anyone have them both and are able to Play Sims Medieval or did you have to buy sims medieval thorugh Steam to get it to work with Windows 10? I am only asking because I am still on Windows 7, and looking to upgrade to Windows Not compatible with Windows 8. If you guys don't want to use that unofficial fix then you can always take you game key from Steam, register it to thesims3. com (make an account if you don't have one) and the game will show up in Origin (use the same login and password as your sims3. com account). When you download it from Origin it doesn't

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