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2020-01-18 14:02 Mar 23, 2017 By default, Excel will use an already running instance to open other files. Simply open up Excel, then open your file. Then open up a second copy of Excel and open the second file. Now you can move the two Excel instances independently to your other monitor. If you want to doubleclick the file from Windows Explorer, follow the instructions at:

View two or more worksheets at the same time View multiple worksheets at the same time Open one or more workbooks that contain the worksheets that you want to view at the same time. Do one of the following On the View tab, in the Window group, click Arrange All. Under Arrange, click the 2 excel windows at once May 01, 2015 Open two excel windows at once I am unable to open two excel windows side by side. I want to open them in two different windows since they are completely separate documents but I need to use one document to fill in certain fields in the second.

Dec 31, 2014 Position both windows side by side, and now you have two Excel documentsworksheets in two separate windows. I hope this guide was a big help to you. If you have any questions, sound off at the comments section below. Also if you are looking to purchase Microsoft Excel for your computer, you can visit our store. 2 excel windows at once

View two or more worksheets at the same time. Beginning with Excel 2013, workbooks that you open in Excel are no longer displayed as multiple workbook windows inside a single Excel window. Instead, they are shown as separate Excel windows. Because workbooks dont share the same Excel window, they are displayed with their own ribbon, and Mar 15, 2011 I use Windows 7 and this is what works for me (just figured it out): 1. Open your first Excel file and place it on the screen you want. 2. Open a new Excel file from the Excel icon. 3. The new file will open on top of the one you have already opened. Drag it to the other screen. 4. Drag the icon Apr 26, 2012 I'm working on a project for one of my courses and the ability to view 2 excel documents at once would make things a lot easier. The problem is I can only do this if at least one of the documents is a new document, which is of no help considering I'm trying to comparework on 2 existing documents. I have Windows 7, I can use the snap feature to view powerpoints side by side and the same for 2 excel windows at once Jan 28, 2019 2) Click the View tab on the Excel ribbon, and then click New Window. Then Excel will open a second window of the same workbook. 3) Make the View tab selected on any window of the workbook, and then click View Side by Side. 4) Now the two windows are displayed side by side, as shown below. You can view two worksheets at once through the two windows. Jul 28, 2012 Even if I resize the Excel windows to 50 of my screen I can see only one Excel window at a time and not 2 at the same time. It's not a solution from within Excel to choose to show the windows side by side ( this way Excel splits its only window to show two files) what I need is not one window for two files, and it's two(or three) Excel windows May 02, 2013 The Excel window will snap to that side of the screen, taking up half the screen. Once you snap both windows to either side of the screen, your two spreadsheets will be displayed as shown in the image above. You can also use the View Side by Side option, which is still available on the View tab in the Window section. By default, the View Side Have you ever had to look at two excel documents at the same time? By default it will open the excel documents in different tabs in the same window. It can get pretty annoying if you really need to see both at the same time. Luckily, there is a little trick you can do so you can see both at the same time. Go ahead and open one document like normal.

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