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2019-12-12 04:05 Alternative to (window). scroll for mobile. The page is responsive, so heights and widths of the window are subject to change. My code works fine in desktop environments, but when I pull it up on my iphone or ipad, the (window). scroll function is slow to respond. I'll scroll down, and only when the screen stops scrolling, will my function happen.

Oct 12, 2015 Great I hope that same would apply to all windows phone after windows 10 mobile update: ) I've tried preview and it feels somewhat better although I can still feel difference between flick and drag scroll, hope its not just placebo: ) windows phone doesn't appear to be good choice for people with OCD, if only iPhone wasn't so expensive since it windows mobile scroll like iphone Jun 14, 2007 Freeware Windows Mobile application iContact adds iPhonelike scrolling contacts to your Windows mobile phone. Just download the free executable and run in on your phone to give it a try.

Today I'll highlight a couple of methods for skinning your Windows Mobile phone to look and feel like an iPhone. Hit the jump to see some videos of the Windows Mobile iPhones in action and to windows mobile scroll like iphone

Kind of looks like the height of the window grows until it's about 90 of the screen, then creates a scroll. I could be wrong, I don't use Android. But if that's how it works, that's a very reasonable approach. Oct 05, 2007 The other day I went searching on Google for a special list. I wanted it to work like the iPhone's list, but I wanted it to look more similar to Nano's list (I liked the simple layout). I couldn't find the C# code to do this on Google, so I wrote my own list control. In an earlier post, we have discussed how to make your Android device look like an iPhone. In this one, we shall see how to make it look like a Windows Phone, complete with full support for colorful Live Tiles as well as the slideup lock screen; and do a lot more with the (Windows Phone like) user interface on your Android device. windows mobile scroll like iphone The best 19 Sidescrolling games for IOS iPhone daily generated by our specialised A. I. comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms. This list includes She Wants Me Dead, Badland, Forged in Battle: Man at Arms, Broforce and 15 more for IOS iPhone. SCROLLINGSWIPE does not work in iphone 7 and other mobile devices Nov 07, 2016 at 02: 57 PM with issues related to click events and mobile scrolling requiring workarounds to be implemented. This device should not be any different to a windows 10 touch pad from their point of view, and these work (generally) fine. May 26, 2017  Microsoftify your Apple phone How to make your jailbroken iPhone feel more like a Windows phone While jailbreaking iPhones may not be for everyone, it Feb 10, 2017 What Android and iPhone users need to know about Windows phone Pocket PC 2002 until Windows Mobile 2003 which was succeeded by Windows Mobile 2003 SE. Windows Mobile 5. 0 followed, and like its

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