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2020-01-28 10:36 Font rendering in Internet Explorer vs other browsers on Windows XP. Traditionally, web browsers had been using operating system's settings. Internet Explorer 7 was the first browser to change that. By default it has ClearType turned on, regardless of Windows settings. To Windows XP users the text will look very different, depending on whether they use IE7 or andother browser.

I had really ugly font rendering on some pages in Firefox on Windows 7 Professional. The fix for me was to turn on ClearType. In Control Panel, Search for Adjust ClearType text , select Turn on ClearType , and go through the 4 step turning wizard. Beautiful fonts in Firefox now! firefox font rendering windows xp Hello there I do have a problem with some of the the fonts' rendering without antialiasing, as I think, and that makes them pretty ugly. The problem appears to be only with Firefox; the same fonts on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Brave browser or even Pale Moon does not exist.

Jan 11, 2013 If you have hardware acceleration turned on, try turning it off. For some reason it plays havoc with fonts in some cases. Tools Options Advanced, General. Turn off the checkbox for Use hardware acceleration when available and restart Firefox. You might also look into the ClearType tuner that is available for Windows XP. firefox font rendering windows xp

Apr 01, 2009 Weird FirefoxClearType text rendering Fri Sep 12, 2008 7: 47 pm I've noticed a problem with the way Firefox (and Chrome) renders light grey type on certain websites. firefox font rendering windows xp

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