Windows home server domain name setup failed

2019-12-09 02:27 Aug 16, 2009 The only part of the domain name I need to choose is the edneyfamily part. Because the personalized domain name is used to access your Windows Home Server over the Internet, it has to be unique, so try and think of something that is easy for you to remember and means something to you.

Nov 10, 2009  Board index Windows Home Server V1 Troubleshooting and Support. All times are UTC [ DST Recent News: Domain Name setup Failed. Page 1 of 1 [ 3 posts Previous topic Next topic: Author Message; kmfdm515 Post subject: Domain Name setup Failed. Posted: Tue Nov 10, windows home server domain name setup failed Nov 10, 2009 I've had my HP MSS domain name working fine for a while, until my router died (DLink DGL4300). I replaced it with a Belkin N router. I'm getting a popup from the WHS console telling me port forwarding isn't setup correctly, even though I have UPNP turned on, and the correct TCP ports open on my router 80, 443, 3389, 4125.

Sep 27, 2007 2 Then RD to the server and restart the IIS server (stopstart) then reboot the server. 3 Then enable the web (from remote access in the whs console settings) and try the domain issue again. Some note could help, disconnect the server cable from the routerswitch when you start the first step. windows home server domain name setup failed

Nov 10, 2009 I've read a couple of strings indicating that Microsoft is having issues setting up domain names at this time. Don't know if my issues are related however, let me give you some background: I setup an Eval server including remote and it worked fine. I then decided to purchase a license and See here and here. (Scroll to the bottom on each. ) I Apr 04, 2011  Heres how you can promote Windows Home Server to a domain controller. Maybe you dont have 100 computers in your closet but sometimes it may feel that way. Active Directory allows you to centrally manage the users that can log into the machines as well as help quickly set up machine preferences and can even help manage your virtual machines. Jul 17, 2011  Any idea how to setup a domain on WHS 2011 so I can remotely access it? I have a commercial account w a static IP going to a www server already and another port (dynamic) going to windows home server domain name setup failed Dec 28, 2012 Question Summary Other Windows Live ID issues Please provide your impacted Email address: Email address is removed for privacy Additional Details Trying to setup Domain name on windows server Windows Home Server 2011 supports remote web access. The wizard conveniently configured my router (apparently) and then asks to configure a domain name. I have a domain name currently parked with a local registrar, but it is not one of the 'supported' registrars. Windows Home Server 2011 Domain Name Setup Failed CLICK HERE. Forum overview for Windows Home Server 2011 forum on Microsoft forums If the disk failed or the file system is corrupt, you will face these file conflicts I tried to retrieve a domain name from

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