Reinstalled windows vista cannot connect to internet

2020-01-18 14:27 Mar 24, 2013  I reinstalled windows vista on my dell laptop due to viruses and the computer was slow. Now my computer can't find my wireless network. I know its not my Internet because my other computer works fine. When I try to find the connection nothing comes up. I went to control panel then device manager and found yellow exclamations next to the following: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter

Sep 04, 2012 So, I have recently reinstalled Vista on my computer, because the HardDrive it was on had been partitioned and left not enough space for Vista. I've reinstalled fine however i cant connect to the internet any more. Whenever i plug in the ethernet cord it doesnt connect and when i try to Diagnose and Repair it says There are driver or hardware reinstalled windows vista cannot connect to internet Nov 19, 2010 Connecting to the internet after clean install of Vista. . . connecting directly to an Ethernet cable to router or modem, establish an IP first. See if you have internet. If not, while connected to Ethernet cable do this Go to Start, all prompt. Right click it, up at top, run as administrator.

Download WSUS Offline Update and download all Windows 7 updates with WSUS Offline Update after all updates downloaded execute Update. cmd as a administrator which is located within client folder. You may need to execute Update. cmd twice first time you have executed the Update. cmd it may ask you to restart the computer after doing that execute reinstalled windows vista cannot connect to internet

(Solved) after vista home recoveryreinstall can't connect internet. Check to see if its set to use a proxy server. Start Internet Explorer, click on the Tools menu and then select Internet Options, When the Internet options open click on the Connections tab, Now click on the Lan Settings, Uncheck the checkbox Use a proxy server for your LAN Now press the OK button to close this screen. Nov 29, 2010 Cant connect to internet after vista reinstall, no network adapter in device manager? so i had a hard drive failure, so got a new one, installed vista, no problem. except i cant connect to the internet previously, i has set up a wireless network, and had my gateway desktop connected to my netgear router now, when i go to device manager, i dont Sep 11, 2012 Please help I cant even connect to the internet with a direct connect line so I dont know how to upgrdae to 7 and I should not have to pay for it if it is due to the crap vista software. reinstalled windows vista cannot connect to internet Sep 29, 2009 After reinstalling Vista, cannot connect to the internet. I reinstalled Vista onto my laptop, and now it doesn't detect any connections to the internet at all. I am in the library now, where I have used the wireless before, and it doesn't detect anything. Oct 09, 2009  After the second reinstall of XP I cant connect to the internet this time. I've got a Dell 4300S and tried to locate the missing drivers on the maunufacturers website but am not sure what i

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