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2020-01-29 01:13 Dec 12, 2013  We have upgraded from WSUS 2. 0 to 3. 0 SP1 and now have few Windows XP SP2 PCs that are extremely slow because the CPU is at 100 utilization running a process called svchost. exe. If I go into services and stop and disable the Automatic Updates service the CPU drop to

Sep 12, 2013 OP warwagon. for the past 2 years i've been using the same XP install Sp3 discs. On a fresh install I would run windows updates it would check for updates and under 30 seconds it would ask for the WGA update and then would proceed to show me the other 100 updates. Now even on clean installs SVCHOST molests the CPU at 100 for a good 4 Minutes automatic updates windows xp 100 cpu Jan 10, 2014 After a clean install of XP and a forced manual install to SP3, I have noticed svchost. exe SYSTEM hogging 100 cpu usage. After some fiddling around and killing the process tree, I have come to the conclusion that this problem is some how related to UpdatesAutomatic Updates.

Aug 08, 2017 1) When enabling Automatic Updates or when going to WindowsMicrosoft Update with Internet Explorer, an instance of svchost immediately reaches 50 of CPU usage (100 of one core) and both the CPU fan and rear exhaust fan are blowing away to lower the temp on the PresHott CPU which is at around 80C then. automatic updates windows xp 100 cpu

Aug 21, 2013  Hello! I am having an issue with automatic updates. I am running Windows XP, SP3. Soon after boot, my PC go slowly, and in task manager i see a svchost running 100 CPU For brand new Windows XP SP3 installs, where the SVCHOST problem rears its ugly head almost immediately, I have confirmed that manually installing MS KB fixes the issue. Running Windows Update or Automatic Updates proceeds normally and in fact, is much quicker than it has seemed in years. Windows Automatic Updates are set for Friday 3 am. Every boot the wuauserv runs no matter what. If the user logged on is a Power User the svchost that wuauserv is in eats 98 to 100 CPU cycles for automatic updates windows xp 100 cpu Windows XP slow during Windows Update (svchost. exe 100 CPU) Restart your computer if prompted. Now the problem with svchost. exe taking 100 CPU during Windows Update should be resolved. The same applies to multicore PCs with svchost. exe consuming about 50 CPU while searching for updates. In worstcase scenario, Jan 16, 2014 svchost Automatic Updates 100 CPU all the time by YetAnotherB January 16, 2014 2: 55 AM PST i followed this cnet article on how to get svchost to stop hogging the CPU.

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