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2020-01-26 17:58 Aug 01, 2014 47 Responses to Raspberry Pi Home Server: Part 7, Sharing Files With Samba. I am running the system (boot) from ssd. Once setup I transfered the boot onto a smaller ssd (from 4 gig card to an 800 meg card (very old card), having a backup on the NTFS 2TB of both boot records and System files, seems to work great.

Its easy to use a Raspberry Pi as a Samba file server where you can store backups and share files from all the other computers on your network. . Samba is the Linux implementation of the SMBCIFS file sharing standard used by Windows PCs and Apple computers, and widely supported by media streamers, games consoles and mobile apps. raspberry pi samba share windows 7 Mar 17, 2016 Samba shares are useful for various reasons. They allow you to access a directory over a network from any device running virtually any software. You can create a samba share on your Raspberry Pi and make it available to Windows, Mac OSX and Linux machines. You can even access them on Android and iOS

Apr 05, 2013 the problem lies with windows 7 microsoft decided to not allow win 7 home to access samba shares there are work arounds but i have not been able to get any of them to work, windows xp on the other hand is easy just right click computer and map network mine is and call the folder (anyname) on your desk top my samba config file is raspberry pi samba share windows 7

I'm running a little RaspberryPi machine that I wanted to turn into a low power network share that is completely unprotected on my home network, the aim is for it to be a universal network dump and media share. Jan 13, 2014 The most popular implementation is known as Samba and it allows devices like the Raspberry Pi to act as a CIFS file server. To put it another way, it allows a Windows PC to mount a folder on a Raspberry Pi and then copy, delete, read and write files on the it. Installing and configuring Samba on a Raspberry Pi for basic file sharing is quite (Of course, there is an implicit equivalent called c built into Windows they work the same except mine shows up under Networks in Windows Explorer on the other networked Windows computers) I want to access my Windows C: drive share on the Rpi3. raspberry pi samba share windows 7 Jan 01, 2016 Hi. I have two Windows 7 laptops and a Raspberry Pi on my home network. The Raspberry Pi is configured as a Samba server. The two Windows laptops can see each other's shared folders, but only one of the laptops shows the Pi on the network. You can create shared folders in Raspberry Pi and make them available to other devices on Windows network using a software called Samba. Samba is a free software that implements SMBCIFS protocol to provide shared access to files and printers between Windows, Unix, Linux and OS X systems. Jan 30, 2014  Configuring OpenELEC Samba share allows you to remotely access your Raspberry Pi's SD card and any attached USB drives over the network on other computers. This can come in handy if you want to transfer files between the devices over the network and without having to Create a Windows Share on Your Raspberry Pi Category: Home Automation Tags: Raspberry Pi, Samba If I had to guess at this blogs readership demographic, Id imagine that the majority of readers work mainly in the. NET space and within the Microsoft technology ecosystem in general.

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